February 2014



Séralini Study Fuelling Fear of ‘Frankenfood’ Retracted

Exposes the pathological arguments of apologists for the retraction of the Séralini study which showed the toxic dangers of Monsanto’s GMO maize.

Thought Terminating Trolls

Shows how accusing people of Internet trolling can be a form of trolling itself which is meant to halt discussion of heretical ideas.

Faith-Based vs Evidence-Based Skepticism

Examines the difference between faith-based pathological skepticism and evidence-based healthy skepticism.

Is True Skepticism Possible?

Show the ubiquity of pathological skepticism and how the vast majority of us have limits to which of our beliefs we will objectively examine.


Review: “Is There a Pseudoscience Event Horizon”?

Review of Steven Novella’s article on the characteristics of pseudo-science.

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