9/11: The Scientific Fraud of the Century

Snake-oilTwelve years ago on September 11, 2001 an event happened that forever traumatized the American people. Two planes flew into the Twin Towers and something struck the Pentagon. Before that time, Americans saw their country as the most powerful country in the world virtually immune from any such attacks. The fact that such attacks took place on such iconic American landmarks would have been exceptionally traumatic. The fact that their great nation’s defenses seemed to be almost non-existent that day would have been extremely embarrassing. Very quickly those feelings of shock and humiliation turned to fear and hatred.

Shock, awe, humiliation, fear and anger. These are all powerful emotions but they don’t constitute critical thinking and are most certainly not science. When a powerful nation’s foreign policy is based not on evidence, science and reason but emotion you have a recipe for a holocaust not justice. When the official story of 9/11 is pried apart further, the haunting reality only gets bleaker.

The key event of 9/11 was the fall of the Twin Towers. That event resulted in by far the most deaths and was the most visual reminder of what happened. But try asking a member of any mainstream “skeptic” organization or any pseudo-scientist who claims to support the official story for any evidence as to how the towers came down. You’ll get anything but. They might simply scoff at the very question. They might commit a logical fallacy such as stating that the planes obviously hit the buildings and set them on fire. But that’s only evidence that the buildings sustained damage from jets and fire not that the damage actually resulted in the buildings coming down. In other words, they commit the false cause fallacy. They might point to the 9/11 Commission report.[1] But that report contains absolutely no technical details of the collapses. They might point to the NIST study of the Tower falls.[2] But this study deals only with the events preceding the falls. What they will never ever do however is produce evidence. They won’t produce evidence because there is no evidence whatsoever to support the official story of how the Twin Towers came down. There is only faith maniacally championed by the rabid cult of pseudo-skepticism. There are only lies spread by corporate pseudo-journalism.

There is evidence that supports the explanation that the Twin Towers were controlled demolitions. The rapid highly symmetric falls of all three buildings currently are only explainable by the use of some form of controlled demolition. If thermitics were used to weaken the building’s structural steel there would be tell-tale evidence. Thermitic reactions produce molten iron as a by-product. They also produce countless iron-rich micro-spheres. The USGS found such iron-rich spheres[3] as did a set of reports prepared for Deutshe Bank by the RJ Lee Group[4]. Several highly credible eyewitnesses report seeing pools of molten metal[5]. Eutectic formations causing intergranular melting were found on WTC 7 steel.[6] Unreacted nano-thermite chips have also been found in the WTC dust[7].

In the Bizarro World of the pseudo-skeptics, the explanation with scientific supporting evidence is rejected and ridiculed by all mainstream skeptic groups including the James Randi Foundation, CSI and CFI. The explanation with no supporting evidence at all is championed by these same groups as the only available scientific option. “Cranks” like Niels Harrit, Steven Jones, David Chandler, Kevin Ryan, Jonathan Cole and Frank Legge follow the scientific method and conduct experiments to support their conclusions. “Critical thinkers” like Michael Shermer and James Randi reject evidence that conflicts with their beliefs and support these beliefs with logical fallacies. The “fair and balanced” mainstream media reports only on information that supports the official story and ignores or minimizes information that does not. 9/11 is an extreme example of people being misrepresented as what they are not. Truly 9/11 is the scientific fraud of the century.



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